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Request a Quote for Your Metal Roofing Price

Metal Roofing Price Quote

The first step to upgrading your roof is to request a metal roofing price quote. While the upgrade to a metal roof almost always means a greater initial investment, this upfront cost usually ends up as lifetime savings because of reduced maintenance, replacement, and energy costs. However, it is always essential to budget and plan properly. A metal roofing price quote is the perfect place to start. Fill out the form on this page, or contact our metal roofing contractors by phone today for more information on pricing.

Factors Affecting Your Metal Roofing Price

Metal Roofing Price Quote in Portland, ME

  • Roof Size: One of the more obvious factors affecting a metal roof price is the overall size of your roof. Metal roofing is priced by the full panel. For a metal roofing installation job to go correctly you need to maximize the size of the panels and minimize seams. Our experts can help make this determination and give you an accurate metal roof quote for your project.
  • Labor: The biggest cost associated with a metal roof is the labor required in install it correctly. Seams, corners, edges, and eaves are all incredibly difficult to install correctly. A slight mistake can lead to a significant leak that may not show itself for months or years, while still causing decay under the roof. An accurate metal roofing price estimate includes time for the labor necessary to make sure these crucial joints are installed securely and without leaks.
  • Current Roof and Local Laws: In some cases, a metal roof can be installed over existing types of roofing. This offers the benefit of actually reducing noise, which is a common misconception about a metal roof. This also reduces the cost of installation because the metal roof panels can be installed without the additional cost of removing and hauling away the old roofing material. However, some building codes require that a metal roof go over bare sheeting only. When this is the case, it can significantly drive up the metal roofing price because of the prep work required.
  • Materials Required: Not all types of metal roofing can be installed in every environment. For example, most steel products cannot be installed in areas subject to salt air or salt spray because of the high risk of corrosion. A metal roof is usually considered permanent - a fact often reflected by the upfront metal roofing price. However, even the most expensive materials will not last long if installed in the wrong environment. Therefore, you need to make sure you are getting a quote based on your location.

Contact Us to Request a Metal Roofing Price Estimate

A metal roof is a significant investment in the value you of your home and in energy savings year after year. Contact the metal roofing contractors at Carefree Metal Roofing today for more information on metal roofing and to request a metal roofing price estimate for your project.