Metal Roofing Cost: Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Understanding Metal Roofing Costs

One of the first questions we always get when starting metal roofing projects is related to cost. Homeowners are sometimes concerned about a high metal roofing cost. However, when they consider the lifetime savings that come with a metal roof these concerns are often appeased. Whether it is the energy savings from switching to this energy efficient roofing, lowered insurance premiums because of fire resistance, or the overall longevity of the materials, metal roofing pays for itself over the years that you own your home.

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Metal Roofing Costs a Lower Price in the Long Run

When looking at the initial costs of metal roofing installation it is important to also think of the lifespan of the roof. It is absolutely correct that the upfront metal roofing cost is higher than most other types of roofing, but when you consider that a metal roof lasts 50 years compared to a shingle roof that only last 16 you can see right away that you will save money. For example, you will likely have to replace a shingle roof at least 3 times during the lifetime of a metal roof.

Metal Roofing Cost Analysis

Another metal roofing cost that you recover in lifetime savings is energy. Metal roofing typically includes reflective coatings that reflect around 25% of the sun’s heat - even with dark colors. Light colors can reflect over 60%. One sixths of the nation’s electricity is used on air conditioning, so if you apply that math to your own budget, you can see how much energy a metal roof would save over its life in addition to replacement savings. Metal roofing also saves money in the winter by letting less heat escape through the roof and less wind enter the house through seams.

You can also expect to recover your initial metal roofing cost in added home value. Especially in Portland, ME, metal roofing can add around 1% to 6% to the resale value of a home. Because of the weather in our part of the country, metal roofing is valued over shingles since it resists damage from storms and ocean spray better. Additionally, metal roofing costs are further offset by the decreased chances of having to repair the roofing after heavy storms. Strong winds can destroy shingles. However, those same winds typically have little effect on durable metal roofing panels.

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The metal roofing cost is one of the first things people notice when they start considering metal roofing for their home. However, most people are not immediately aware of the fact that this type of roofing actually saves them money over the entire life cycle of the roof. Energy savings, replacement savings, reduced maintenance and repair costs, and value added to resale all add up over time making metal more cost effective in the long term. Contact our metal roofing contractors today for more information on how a metal roof can help pay for itself over its lifetime.