Metal Roofing Benefits

While every home and every situation is different, the benefits of metal roofing are widespread. From improved curb appeal and durability to energy efficiency, metal roofing is a sound investment for any home.

Serving residential customers throughout central and southern Maine for over 20 years, Carefree Metal Roofing is no stranger to the benefits of metal roofing for our customers. Over this time, we have seen metal roofing grow more popular every year as people recognize the benefits and advantages that metal roofing can offer. In the greater Portland, ME area including throughout southern and central Maine, contact our metal roofing contractors today to learn more about the reasons more people switch to metal roofs each season.

Metal Roofing Benefits


Benefits of Metal Roofing


Understanding the Benefits of Metal Roofing

Cost Savings

While it is true that metal roofing does cost more than traditional roofing materials like asphalt upfront, this cost actually becomes a savings over time thanks to the durability and maintenance-free properties of metal roofing. Most metal roofing comes with a 30-50 year warranty, while asphalt rarely lasts longer than 10-15 years. Therefore, with this lifespan alone, you can start to see where the savings come in.

However, there are many other savings as well. For example, metal roofing is fireproof so there is less risk of damage. This also results in lower insurance costs because of its resistance to fire and lightning. Additionally, metal roofing requires little to no maintenance over time. Meaning you will not be spending money on repairs, cleaning, refinishing, or other maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Benefits of Metal Roofing in Portland, ME

This metal roofing benefit can also tie back to cost, but is worth mentioning on its own. Metal, even dark painted metal, works to reflect heat in both directions. In the summer, this means that excess heat from the sun is reflected away from your home. In the winter, heat rising up through the attic is trapped and forced back into the home, stabilizing temperature. Not only does this help reduce energy bills, it helps keep neighborhoods cooler by reducing the “urban heat island effect” and saves resources and reduces carbon emissions making it one of the biggest benefits of metal roofing.

Sound Dampening

A common concern that our metal roofers often hear from new customers is that they are worried about how loud their roof will be in the rain, or worse, hail. However, this concern is based on an old belief that metal roofs are noisy. What most people do not realize is that reduced noise is actually one of the benefits of metal roofing.

When a metal roof is properly installed by experienced contractors, it is bonded directly to the sheeting below it, thus making it more rigid and solid than shingle roofing, creating a better sound barrier.

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