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Metal Roof Installation in Portland, ME

More and more people are switching to metal roofs because of the increased durability, the increased efficiency, and the classic style. When you are looking for metal roof installation for your home in the Greater Portland, ME Area, as well as southern and central Maine, look no further than Carefree Metal Roofing. We are the region’s experts in metal roof installation because we have done business here for over 20 years. We know the weather, we know the history, we know the houses, and we know the people. All of the details that large national companies might overlook, we consider the most essential to the success of your project and your satisfaction with the final product.

A metal roof needs to be as functional as it is good looking. Carefree Metal Roofing understands that, and we bring that attention to every metal roof installation project we complete. Reach out to us today to request a quote from our expert metal roofing contractors or to learn more.

Expert Metal Roof Installation that You Can Trust

Portland, ME Metal Roof Installation

Regardless of the shape or design of your roof, the age of your home, or your current roofing material, we can provide metal roof installation to meet your needs. Part of the reason we specialize in the Greater Portland area is our understanding of the unique construction of New England homes. This allows us to do the job faster and in a way that lasts longer than our competitors. Metal roof installation requires careful attention to detail in order to prevent leaks and other problems. That attention is to detail is second nature to us.

Oftentimes a metal roof installation project begins with removing either an older metal roof or preparing some other roof surface like asphalt and shingles. We are experts at making these conversions to ensure a perfect final product. From helping you select the right type of roof to answering all of your questions about metal roofing, we will make sure that the process is as seamless as possible for you.

Metal Roof Installation with MasterRib Roofing Panels

At Carefree Metal Roofing, we have chosen to work exclusively with MasterRib metal roof panels when installing new metal roofing. These panels are specially designed to channel water, snow, leaves, and all other forms of weather and debris off of your house. Our decision to work exclusively with these panels is based on our years of experience serving the local area. With our local weather conditions, we know you need something as tough as MasterRib covering your home, and that is the toughness we deliver.

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If you are thinking of remodeling your home to increase value, enhance curb appeal, and improve efficiency, metal roof installation is a great option. As most heat escapes through an older roof, nothing saves more energy in the winter than the insulating properties of a metal roof. Additionally, as a light colored metal roof reflects more sun in the summertime, a metal roof installation saves you money no matter the season!

To learn more about the benefits that metal roofing installation can offer or to request a quote, contact our expert metal roofing contractors online or by phone today.