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There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to your roof needing an inspection and metal roof leak repair services. For example, following events like strong storms or fallen trees, your insurance may send someone out to perform an inspection or you may call the closest contractor to give you an estimate for repairs. However, this is not always an adequate inspection. Often, insurance inspectors are not permitted to actually go up on your roof to closely inspect the damage or general contractors and roofing companies may not be experienced when it comes to diagnosing metal roofing problems. This leads to missed leaks or damage that is below the surface not being accounted for.

Metal roof contractors are the source you should trust for complete roof inspections. Only metal roof contractors have enough experience understanding both the damage and the way repairs are made to give you a truly complete price and time estimate for the repair. Throughout southern and central Maine including Portland, ME, contact the experts at Carefree Metal Roofing today if you are looking for metal roofing contractors who can give you a complete understanding and report of any repairs you may need.

Why Metal Roof Contractors Mean Better Inspections

Metal Roof Contractors | Portland, ME Roof Inspection

In many cases, it is not really the insurance agent or contractor’s fault that they cannot provide accurate inspections and estimates for your metal roof. Often after storms, they will have many jobs to visit with many different types of roofs. Their experience inspecting metal roofing may be limited.

However, specialized metal roof contractors, while they might also be busy after a storm, have the complete knowledge and skill required to look in depth, specifically at the situations that warrant repair of metal roofs. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that Carefree Metal Roofing will catch all of the problems your roof may have on our inspections and we can provide an accurate assessment.

Our Complete Metal Roof Inspection Services

As part of our complete metal roof inspection services, our contractors will provide:

  • Damage Assessment: When damage is obvious, such as after fallen tree limbs, lightning strikes, or hail, you need metal roof contractors to inspect for all damage and give you a complete price and timeline for repair. Because we inspect, repair, and install new metal roofing regularly, we can give you the most accurate assessment of the total cost and time it will take to repair your metal roof.
  • Leak Diagnosis: When you suspect a leak but there is no visible damage to your roof, you need metal roof contractors who can perform an accurate diagnosis for leaks. With factors to consider such as slope, seams, and coatings affecting conditions that lead to leaks, an expert is required to pinpoint the cause of any roof leaks.

Contact Our Metal Roof Contractors to Schedule Your Roof Inspection

If you have any signs of damage or suspect a potential problem with your roof, a metal roof contractor is the person you need to talk to. Insurance can help, but only metal roofers really know the deeper causes and problems that can arise from damage and leaks. At Carefree Metal Roofing, our experts inspect, diagnose, and repair.

Contact us today to speak to metal roofing contractors who are experienced and capable of solving all of your metal roof repair needs from inspection to completion.