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As an experienced metal roofing contractor serving all of southern and central Maine including the greater Portland areas, we see more interest in metal roofing every year. However, still many people are not familiar with all of the new ways that a metal roof can be made and installed or the benefits one can provide. This page can answer many common questions about modern metal roofing and help you determine whether a metal roof is the right choice for your home. For more information, contact our metal roofing contractors online or by phone today!

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Answers to Your Questions About Metal Roofing

Is a metal roof noisy?
No, this common misconception often comes from times you have been in outdoor structures like barns or sheds when it starts to rain. In these cases, the roofing is not insulated and when you look up you can actually see the underside of the roof. Therefore, you can hear the light banging that rain makes much more easily.

In home applications, metal sheeting is attached directly to plywood decking which dampens vibration and sound actually making a metal roof quieter than most other materials.

Does metal attract lightning?
Lightning tends to strike the tallest object in a given area regardless of the material. In fact, trees are more commonly struck than roofs because of their height, and as you know they are not made of metal. A metal roof actually dissipates lightning better than an asphalt or cedar roof, and is completely resistant to fire, making it safer than other materials in the event of a lightning strike.

Will a metal roof rust?
While it is true that metal can rust, the new metal roof panels that we install should not.

We use only MasterRib steel roofing panels when installing new metal roofs. These panels are made from high grade steel coated with zinc, aluminum, and silicon, known as Galvalume. Even unpainted panels come with a 30-year warranty, and certain painted panels carry a lifetime warranty. Cheaper materials will rust, which is why we do not work with them and why you should not either. Good metal roofers should be knowledgeable and will always use the most ideal products for the region your home is in.

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Do I need to remove my existing roof before installing metal roofing?
In most cases, it is not usually necessary to remove the existing roof before installation metal roofing. Because metal is so light and durable it is often installed directly over cedar or asphalt shingles. This reduces waste, saves money, and saves time. Ultimately, it comes down to the gauge of steel sheeting used and the building codes required by your locality. Carefree Metal Roofing regularly installs directly over older roofs.

How much does a metal roof cost?
When it comes to metal roofing, the installation costs typically account for a larger portion of the total cost than when dealing with other roofing materials. This can cause costs to vary greatly between geographical areas. Additionally, the metal roof product that you select can cause the cost to vary as well. Overall, the cost for metal roof installation can cost up to 2 1/2 times more than conventional asphalt shingle roofing.

You can usually expect metal roofs to cost more upfront than traditional asphalt roofs because of the higher installation and material costs. However, in the end because of lifetime replacement savings and increases in energy efficiency, you can expect a metal roof to save you 60% over other roofing materials, despite the higher upfront costs.

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