MasterRib Metal Roof Panels: Durable Residential Metal Roofing

MasterRib Metal Roof Panels in Portland, ME

Carefree Metal Roofing has served the Greater Portland, ME Area for over 20 years, and this experience has taught us a lot about which products are best suited to the homes and the weather in Maine. Therefore, we work primarily with MasterRib metal roof panels because year after year, they have proven their strength and durability.

While other factors affect roofing conditions, nothing is more obvious to the life of a roof than the quality of the metal roof panels. That is why we are committed to working with only the best the market has to offer.

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What Makes MasterRib Metal Roof Panels the Best

The secret to MasterRib metal roof panels’ durability comes from the ribs themselves. The ribs actually serve as built-in supports for metal roofing. The higher you build the rib, the more durable the roof becomes. MasterRib panels are built with ¾ inch high ribs which increase rigidity over the entire panel.

Another great feature of this roofing system, is that within each under-lap (the rib that goes under the rib of the next panel) there is also an oversized anti-siphoning channel that prevents excess rain from getting underneath your metal roof. If this channel were not built-in, water could travel inside and under panels in heavy wind and rain conditions. Therefore, this feature is one of the key elements necessary to ensuring a durable roof for homes in the Portland, ME Area.

MasterRib Metal Roof Panels

MasterRib metal roof panels are available painted in many different colors each of which include Energy Star ratings. These roofing panels offer a wide variety with over 19 colors available. Panels are also available in unpainted Galvalume and unpainted galvanized styles. Select Galvalume for highest durability and warranty. Additionally, panels come in 26 and 29 gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and more durable the metal roof panels are.

All MasterRib metal roof panels include a lifetime warranty for the metal itself and a 40 year warranty for the paint. However, it is important to remember that lifetime warranties will always require proper metal roofing installation techniques. So you should always seek a contractor like Carefree Metal Roofing to perform this work properly.

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With over 20 years of experience serving the central and southern Maine area including Portland, this time working on many different houses in many different environments has taught us the value of quality products. It is that belief in quality that has led us to MasterRib metal roof panels as these panels come with industry leading quality features to prevent leaks and save energy costs as well as the highest available warranties. To learn more about this product, and what makes it a superior choice for residential metal roofing, contact our metal roofing contractors today.