Is a Metal Roof Right for my House?

After weighing the metal roofing pros and cons the next question many homeowners ask is: “is a metal roof right for my house?” This page will provide resources to help you make the best choice on what kind of roof you should get. To learn more about metal roofing or to get answers to your questions, contact our metal roofing contractors today.

Residential Metal Roof - Before


Residential Metal Roof - After


Things to Consider Before Getting a Metal Roof

Is your current roof at the right slope? A metal roof requires that a roof have a slope greater than 3:12, which means 3 inches of slope for every 12 inches of roof. This is to ensure that water, snow, ice, and other debris does not get caught on the roof leading to leaks and other problems. Skilled metal roofers will be able to tell right away if your roof meets the slope requirements.

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Is there a need for increased energy efficiency in your home? Because metal reflects heat, a metal roof is great when you need to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Typically, older homes or homes that require green building codes benefit the most from having a metal roofing system installed. If other means of increasing efficiency in your home have failed or left you wanting more, it may be time to look at the roof. A majority of heat escapes through the roof during the winter, but metal roofing keeps this in your home. During the summer, metal also reflects heat from the sun that other roofing materials absorb, keeping your home cooler.

Are you looking to reduce maintenance? A metal roof is typically installed as a low maintenance, long-term solution for your home. Metal roofing systems are designed to last as much as 50 years, and many metal roofing options come with 50 year or even lifetime warranties to protect the coatings and finish. Additionally, these systems require little maintenance. Metal can be cleaned with water, repainted if needed, and usually does not need to be totally replaced for the life of the house.

Is there extreme weather where you live? Storms blowing in off the ocean, winter nor’easters, hail, and lightning – all of these can be tough on your roof. A metal roof is superior to other types of roofing in these situations because of the durability and lightness of the material. Heavy snows roll off more easily, and the lightweight, durable metal puts less strain on supports. Metal is more resistant to wind and hail damage when compare to other types of shingles. Lightning is less likely to cause a fire if it strikes metal versus shingles.

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If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, a metal roof might be ideal for your home. While there are additional upfront costs to consider, the benefits outweigh the costs over time. In southern and central Maine including Portland, ME, contact our metal roofing contractors today for more information about how metal roofing might be the best choice for your home.