Metal Roofing: An Energy Efficient Roofing Option

One of the biggest improvements homeowners can make to save money on their homes is a switch to energy efficient roofing. A roof has the greatest exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures, which can lead to trapped heat in the summer time or lost heat in the winter if not properly insulated. However, metal roofing is among the most energy efficient roofing options you can buy.

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Before Energy Efficient Metal Roofing


After Energy Efficient Metal Roofing


Why Metal Roofing is the Most Energy Efficient Roofing

Approximately one sixth of all electricity generated in the United States is spent air conditioning buildings. Roofing is a major source of the heat that gets inside a building or home during the summer. Common roofing materials such as asphalt shingles absorb heat from the sun and pass it through to the attic or upper floors of a building. Since heat rises from lower floors as well, this heat trapped in the attic acts like a wool blanket all summer long.

Energy Efficient Metal Roofing in Portland, ME

It is a common misconception that a metal roof will make cooling your hone more difficult. When you touch a metal roof, it may feel hot, but that is actually energy savings in action. Metal roofing comes with different ratings of energy efficiency, and these are all based on the metal roof panels ability to reflect the sun’s heat. Energy Star rates energy efficient roofing by the amount of light a roof reflects. An Energy Star roof must reflect at least 25% of the sun’s heat and maintain greater than 15% reflection after three years under normal wear conditions.

Metal roofing is commonly coated in reflective paint similar to road signs and protective gear, which allows even dark colors of roofing to reflect at least 25% of sunlight. The most energy efficient roofing option is a white painted metal roof that can reflect over 60% of heat.

In the winter, metal roofing is also an improvement over shingles when it comes to energy efficiency. Shingles have many pieces and therefore many gaps that allow heat to escape out of the house or cold winds to filter in. Because a metal roof is built from panels typically 36” wide, there are fewer gaps and places for air to escape.

Ultimately, energy efficient roofing needs to work well in all seasons, and metal is the only material that can provide that function.

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At Carefree Metal Roofing, we are proud to have been working with metal roofing for over 20 years because we know it is the most energy efficient roofing we can provide to our clients. It is important to us to make the neighborhoods of Portland, ME as well as central and southern Maine better, greener places to live. Therefore, while metal roofing has certain upfront costs, you end up saving that money over the lifetime of the roof because it is an Energy Star rated energy efficient roofing. Contact our metal roofing contractors today for more information on the efficiency of metal roofing systems or to request a quote for your next home improvement project.